R.W. Ley | Author & Professional Speaker

"Tell a great story, tell it well, and leave them wanting more." - R.W. Ley

Every person has a story. Mine is simple. I was born at a very early age in Huntsville, TX. My family was traditional; father, mother, sister, and me. My growing up years were spent in various small town across Texas, from Huntsville, to Vernon, to Mineral Wells, and to Dripping Springs where I graduated from High School. Daddy worked for the telephone company, told stories, sang songs, played the guitar, and taught us that play was just as important as work. Mom worked at home writing books, teaching Bible studies, helping out others on a regular basis, and taught us the value of mentoring. My sister was a bossy older sister, but I loved her when I wasn’t resenting her. Normal American family.

Early in elementary school I discovered the wonder of books and stories. I was a voracious reader and by the time I was in Junior High, I had discovered Ray Bradbury, J. R. R. Tolkien, Louis L’Amour, Isaac Asimov, Harlequin Romances, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. In High School the list expanded to include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, L. Ron Hubbard (to my mother’s chagrin), and many others. The key thing I discovered through this hodge podge of literature was that I wanted to be “that person” whose name was on the front cover. I wanted to write. So I did. - Read More

R.W. Ley, Author and Professional Speaker

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